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I am working with Mike Worley and Symboc Design in my capacity as Chairperson for the Web Group at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs. Our basic goals are to update our website, add new features, and to make the site welcoming and informative to members and non-members alike. However, with social media constantly offering new ways to reach out to our community and interact, we have benefited from the guidance, inventiveness and creativity of the pros at Symboc Design. They routinely give us enhancements that meet our present needs but also position us to add functionality as our needs and dreams evolve. This attention to the uses of technology today, but with an eye to the future is the kind of forward thinking any business hopes for from its vendors. With Symboc Design you get that. We have partnered with Symboc for several years now, and I highly recommend them for both web design and maintenance. You can’t go wrong with this team.–Ann Rainey, President

The Greater Tarpon Springs Democratic Club has worked with Mike Worley at Symboc Designs on two occasions.  He set up our original website and recently updated it,  We have been completely satisfied with Mike's work.  There hasn't been anything we asked of Mike that he could not do.  The work was done quickly and working with Mike was a pleasure.  I have recommended his work to others.–Gerald Goen, President

I was referred to Mike from one of his clients. I met with Mike and contracted him to design my insurance Web site. I was very satisfied with the final out come of the project. During the process Mike  made many helpful suggestions and he was always available to answer my questions. Mike will be handling all of my future projects as well as my email campaign.–Eric Beni, President, Black Hawk Sales Training

Mike Worley of Symboc Designs has proven himself as a true professional. He meet our groups needs exactly and the turnaround time was downright impressive. Most striking, Mike offered unbiased information and consultation throughout the process instead of padding the bill like other providers. I highly recommend Symboc Designs as a trustworthy provider for your online needs. Mike will be the first person we call the next time we make a change to our website.–Jonathan Michael Snow, Board of Directors, GTSDC