Concatenation and Text to Columns in Microsoft Excel

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Welcome to Symboc Design Tips #3, Concatenation and Text to Columns in Microsoft Excel. Today we’ll show you a couple of really useful techniques that the Excel beginner can use to prepare mailing lists and other types of Excel spreadsheets.

First, we will demonstration concatenation. That’s a fancy word for connect. We’ll show you how to connect the contents of two or more columns for output into a new column. You would use this to create a column with a person’s full name when you had First, Middle and Last Names in separate columns.

Then we’ll demonstrate the text to columns feature in Excel. This does just the opposite of concatenation. You can use it to break down a column with a full name into First, Middle and Last Name columns.

These two actions are very easy to learn and their application is useful in a wide range of situations. By the time this demonstration is over I’m sure you will have many ideas for the use to these skills.

We hope you found this video useful. That’s our goal, to be useful and make a little money. If you have comments, please feel free to contact us. We’d like to hear from you. Perhaps you could suggest a topic for our next tip.

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