Managing Headers and Footers in Microsoft Word

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This video will show you how to manage headers and footers in Microsoft Word.  This is a very difficult task for most people unless they understand the creation and application of section breaks and how the link to previous function works.  The video uses Microsoft Word 2013 but the techniques used will apply to most any version of Word.  It takes a 6 page document that is composed of a 3 page letter and a three page attachment.  The creation of a footer is demonstrated ,  The viewer learns how to use section breaks and the link to previous feature to display the footer on the first 3 pages of the document but not on the last 3 pages.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Try it!  But here is a surefire method of doing it.  Look forward to Symboc Design Tips #5 in which we will expand on the uses of headers and footers to create a corporate letterhead with some really cool features.

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