Wrap Text in Photoshop

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My name is Mike Worley, Owner and Chief Designer of Symboc Designs. I spent 20 years designing and administering federal employment and training programs before striking out as a designer of websites. Now, I am recalling that experience to develop e-learning programs. First and foremost, these programs will be short, simple and effective. Unlike so many of the tutorials out there, these will work for you. We promise.

This is the first of our line of simple and free tutorials It will show you how to wrap text around objects in PhotoShop. Yes, there are a lot of similar tutorials out there but this one is simple and easy to implement. The demonstration employs PhotoShop CS6 Extended but it will work in any version offered in the last 10 years.

Here’s what we want to do. We have 2 objects in this piece, a nice looking man and the Symboc logo. We want to wrap our text around the outline of the man and the logo. I’ll show you how in about a minute.

First we create a new guide to define the upper and lower limits of the path to contain the text. This is necessary to provide a level beginning to your text.

Go to View/New Guide and select Horizontal and position of 1 inch then pull the new guide to the top of the man’s head.

Now select the pen Tool from the left toolbar and be sure Path and Combine Shapes is selected in the upper tool bar. Now draw the container for you text. Follow the outlines of your objects, making your points fairly close together to approximate the shape of the objects. Make sure you use the guides to define the lower and upper limits of the text container and provide a path parallel to the flow of text.

To close the container, make sure you click exactly on the first point. A little circle will appear when you have it right.

To add your text, select the Text tool from the tool bar to the left and put your cursor inside of the container path you just created. Now you can enter your text as you wish. I have some text on my clip board so I can just paste it in. First, however, I’ll make sure the font properties are as I want them because it’s easier to set them first than change them later. With a Control V my text is added and wrapped around the objects. Cool, Huh?

One important thing is to get rid of all the hyphenation. Just go to the Paragraph window and uncheck the hyphenation box. That’s it. I told you it was easy. If you found this useful please subscribe to this channel and tell your friends and colleagues. There’s a lot more on the way. Thanks you.

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